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We are having various technology needs in several IT areas for our many clients across United States. We can offer jobs for both experienced and non experienced professionals. Salary we can work as fixed or percentage basis according to your choice.

Right now we are having following requirements.
ETL/Informatica Developer/DataStage Developer

  • Interact with Business Analysts to finalize the requirements and documented the technical design document for Coding.
  • Develop DataStage Parallel Jobs using required stages, and the obtained data from different sources were formatted, Cleansed, summarized, aggregated, transformed and loaded into data warehouse.
  • Involve in design and development of parallel jobs, sequences using the Designer.
  • Design several parallel jobs using Sequential File, Dataset, Join, Merge, Lookup, Change Apply, Change Capture, Remove duplicates, Funnel, Filter, Copy, Column Generator, Peek, Modify, Compare, Oracle Enterprise, Surrogate Key, Aggregator, Transformer, Row Generator stages.
  • Extensively work with all the new features in IBM information Server.
  • Work with SCD stage for implementing slowly changing dimensions. Extracts data from Flat Files and Oracle databases and applies business logic to load them in the central Oracle database.
  • Develop map, reusable objects, transformation, and Mapplets using Mapping Designer, transformation developer and Mapplets Designer in Informatica PowerCenter7.1.1/8.6.1.
  • Upgrade from Informatica version 7.1.1 to 8.6.1.
  • Create reusable transformations and Mapplets and uses them in mappings.
  • Use Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.1./7.1.1 for extraction, loading and transformation (ETL) of data in the data warehouse.
  • Work with data modelers to prepare logical and physical data models and adds and deletes necessary fields using Erwin.
  • Implement Informatica recommendations, methodologies and best practices.
  • Implement slowly to change dimension to maintain current information and history information in dimension tables.
  • Use Informatica PowerCenter Workflow manager to create sessions and batches to run with logic embedded in the mappings.
  • Create folders, users, repositories, and deployment group using Repository Manager
  • Tune DataStage jobs for better performance by creating DataStage Lookup files for staging the data and lookups.
  • Use the Manager to import, export jobs and routines.
  • Create Shared Containers to increase Object Code Reusability and to increase throughput of the system.
  • Experience developing complex transformations, surrogate keys, routines, dimension tables and fact tables.
  • Used Environment Variables, Stage Variables and Routines for developing Parameter Driven Jobs and debugging them.
  • Involve in the identification of Facts and dimensions table for developing logical design of the data marts.
  • Perform extraction, transformation and loading of data using different types of stages and by performing derivations over the links connecting these stages.
  • Design the job templates and created new jobs from existing templates.
  • Enhance the Job Performance by using proper Partitioning methods and analyzing the resources utilized using Job Monitor. 
  • Create Master Job Sequencers to control sequence of Jobs using job controls.
  • Use Data Stage Director for running and monitoring performance statistics.
  • Create Test Plans for Unit Testing for designed jobs.

Software Developer

Job Duties: analyze, design, develop, test and implement data warehouses using knowledge of MS Access, SQL Server, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL Developer, C, Visual Basic, Unix Shell Scripting, HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, UNIX, Linux and Windows; engage in data modeling and logical and physical database design; and provide technical assistance in connection with system maintenance. Requires a master’s degree in computer science or information systems. Must be able to perform in a team environment and have excellent communication skills.  Job in Herndon, VA. Email resumes to

Also we need Several JAVA/UI/Web and .net developer’s needed, interested candidates please mail us

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